GuangTao's Doom Emacs config

1Emacs 2init.el 3package.el 4config.el 5use-package 5.1helm-tramp 5.2Pinyin 5.3wakatime-mode 5.4vlf 5.5maple-explorer 5.6imenu-list 5.7w3m 5.8ein 5.9undo-fu 5.10vundo 5.11color-rg 5.12envrc 5.13snails 5.14iscroll 5.15helm-tramp 5.16helm-rg 5.17fd-dired 5.18find-dupes-dired 6autoload 6.1+misc.el 6.1.1timer 6.2+org-mode.el 6.2.1alphapapa/unpackaged.el: A collection of useful Emacs Lisp code that isn’t substantial enough to be packaged 6.2.2alphapapa/unpackaged.el: A collection of useful Emacs Lisp code that isn’t substantial enough to be packaged 7Default Setting 7.1Global Setting 7.2Better default Setting 8Completion 8.1Ivy/counsel 8.2company 8.3selectrum 8.4Customize completion-at-point

Intro Nix's Zeek Deployment

Nix-build Source Repo hardenedlinux/zeek-nix: nix-build system for zeek IDS nix build Zeek with remote binary cache server (speed up building process) nix run bin/Zeekctl and binary build (similar to docker run ) Deploying zeek ids with bash shell to created dynamic path using Nixos module systemd to deploy zeek (nixops devops feature) Hydra’s Nix Zeek jobs CI/CD(Multi-arch support) passing Zeek’s plugins list also, you can modify the bool value of plugin name to disbale or enable plugin build under zeek-nix/overlay.

NixOS 以及 Nix的一些展示

1初衷和面临的一些问题:ATTACH: 2快速开发部署展示 2.1快速部署 zeek ids 2.2nix develop 快速部署 next-termianl:ATTACH: 2.3Apache airflow 快速部署 master 分支:ATTACH: 2.4nix develop 快速部署 Browse Your Life

GuangTao's Xah Fly Keys config

1use package with xah-fly-keys 2define-key xah-fly-keys-map(Command mode) 2.1Index Owner Customization keys 2.2xah-fly-key-map 3specific keys in different mode map 3.1load all of specific keys 3.2Only Linux keys 3.3.-dot 3.4,-comma 3.5/-slash 3.6;-semicolon 3.7'-apostrophe 3.8=-e 3.9p-keymap 3.10s-keymap 3.11r-keymap -> regex 3.12P-keymap 3.13–minus 3.14Color 4define-key xah-fly-leader-key-map 5search-keys (leader-key to “s”) 6org-keys (leader-key to “o”) 7magit-keys (leader-key to “m”) 8end use-package config setting 9define global-set-key 9.1org-mode set key 10add hook to active xah-fly-keys insert or command mode 11✘ CANCELEDdefine-key xah-fly-keys-map(Insert mode) Emacs: Xah Fly Keys Customization Emacs: Xah Fly Keys Tutorial 1use package with xah-fly-keys https://github.


1概括 1.1Org-mode Or Bullet Journal ? 1.2关于个人日程安排设计相关设计到的知识: 1.2.1番茄工作法(时间管理方法)百度百科 1.2.2Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text! 1.2.3✰ ImportantBullet Journal &